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“Remote Waiter is a platform that connects restaurants, waiters, and international clients worldwide to offer remote service in their native language and provide memorable experiences.

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Do you own or manage a restaurant?

Training and retaining staff is currently one of the biggest challenges restaurant managers face. Register your restaurant in the “Remote Waiter” network and let go of this worry!

Do you work as a waiter and speak a foreign language well?

“Remote Waiter” is the only application in Romania that offers professional waiters the opportunity to earn money by providing remote services. Register now!

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Example of earnings for a waiter

How the "Remote Waiter" platform works

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  • You own or manage a restaurant and have international clients visiting? You're probably looking to hire waiters, especially those who speak foreign languages. Perfect! You go to the "Remote Waiter" platform and create an account for your restaurant. From there, you'll connect with registered waiters and manage orders.

  • You're a waiter who speaks at least one foreign language? You'd like to take advantage of that and manage your working hours. Great! Enter "Remote Waiter" and create an account. In your profile, mention the languages spoken and your availability. You'll connect with restaurants looking for someone with your profile. You can work with one or multiple restaurants; you choose when and how much.

  • Now, in the "physical" world: international customers come to the restaurant. To better understand what they can order, they request a waiter who speaks a certain language. By the table, on a stand, they find the tablet with the "Remote Waiter" platform, ready to assist them.

  • The platform selects the waiter based on the spoken language and the rating received from other customers. In his account on the platform, the waiter is notified of the client's request.

  • The restaurant customer and the online waiter are connected in a video call. The waiter explains the menu, the specials of the day, and can make personalized recommendations. Then, from the platform, the waiter goes to the restaurant's profile and places the order for that table.

  • Next, the customer is served by the restaurant staff. If they have any other requests, they can always return to the virtual waiter through the platform on the tablet.

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